With a production capacity of more than 3 million tonnes, Shin-Etsu can without doubt regard itself as the world's largest PVC manufacturer. Production in the Netherlands takes place at two plants near Rotterdam: Botlek and Pernis. The commercial heart of the company is in Hilversum. Our customers use our PVC to make pipeline systems, window frames, flooring, cables and many other types of products.


PVC is quite literally a sustainable product. A PVC pipe can easily last for 100 years, and PVC window frames have a service life of 30 years. Other plastics have a much shorter service life. Rigid PVC is extremely strong and ideal for recycling: it can be reused at least four times.

Source PVC4pipes
Source British Plastics Federation

What makes PVC pipes preferable to other materials? How are they manufactured and why is PVC so durable? For answers to these questions and further information, view the online PVC4Pipes presentation. This appealing presentation includes hundreds of fascinating facts on PVC pipes. Curious? Take a look at the presentation.

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