With a production capacity of more than 3 million tonnes, Shin-Etsu can without doubt regard itself as the world's largest PVC manufacturer. Production in the Netherlands takes place at two plants near Rotterdam: Botlek and Pernis. The commercial heart of the company is in Hilversum. Our customers use our PVC to make pipeline systems, window frames, flooring, cables and many other types of products.


Hannes Langeder from Austria managed to build his own Porsche! The car’s base frame is made from steel, but everything else is constructed from PVC pipes, duct tape and aluminium foil. With a chassis based on a bicycle frame, the Porsche weighs a mere 99.6 kilograms and can only reach maximum speeds of up to 16 km/h (if you peddle really quickly). A plus, however, is that this PVC Porsche is the quietest ‘car’ you have ever seen and that it also produces zero emissions. So this PVC Porsche is the most environmentally friendly Porsche the world has ever seen!

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

The project entitled “Critical Pipelines” was carried out during the maintenance stop. The aim of the project was to increase the factory’s reliability. A number of pipelines were lifted off their supports as a precautionary measure. These were then blasted, painted and returned to their supports. These pipelines are used to transport EDC around the factory. This preventive maintenance ensures that the pipelines will last, making it possible for Shin-Etsu to maintain its position as a reliable supplier in the future.

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