With a production capacity of more than 3 million tonnes, Shin-Etsu can without doubt regard itself as the world's largest PVC manufacturer. Production in the Netherlands takes place at two plants near Rotterdam: Botlek and Pernis. The commercial heart of the company is in Hilversum. Our customers use our PVC to make pipeline systems, window frames, flooring, cables and many other types of products.


In the last Ladiesrun in Rotterdam three colleagues collected along with 11,497 other participants more than 42,000 euros for Pink Ribbon; a foundation that supports breast cancer research. Of the 49 participating business teams the Shin-Etsu team finished in the nineteenth place. Well done!

Pupils of the Nutsschool in Maastricht use PVC to make musical instruments. Would you like to know how you can make a musical instrument from PVC? Well, here’s your chance: As the teacher Jack Veldhuizen explains: ‘You get a PVC pipe of the length you want – the longer the pipe, the lower the tone. Take a balloon and cut through it 2 cm from the round end, not from the nozzle. Pull the balloon over the pipe and secure it with a broad piece of sticky tape. Now push a narrow pipe with a diameter of roughly 1 cm through the nozzle; secure this with sticky tape as well. If you tighten the mouthpiece horizontally and blow through it, the vibration will create a nice bass sound. It’s only one tone, but a very nice tone. I also used a curve and a kind of funnel form to make it resemble a saxophone more.’

Want to hear what a PVC saxophone sounds like? Then watch this short video and/or google saxophone PVC.

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