With a production capacity of more than 3 million tonnes, Shin-Etsu can without doubt regard itself as the world's largest PVC manufacturer. Production in the Netherlands takes place at two plants near Rotterdam: Botlek and Pernis. The commercial heart of the company is in Hilversum. Our customers use our PVC to make pipeline systems, window frames, flooring, cables and many other types of products.


Students from Wartburg College and Lyceum Rotterdam visited our plant and were given a tour through our workshop, control room and laboratory. Earlier on in the week two of our colleagues visited the classroom to give a short orientation presentation on the process industry in general and Shin-Etsu in particular.

Our mechanical maintenance group showed the students how pumps, valves and pipes are serviced in the workshop. Laboratory technicians showed the students PVC products and what can be made of these products. During the control room visit the students asked our operators lots of questions about the factory.

The colleagues from Shin-Etsu enjoyed hosting the enthusiastic groups for a job orientation experience.

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As of 1st February, the cycle of work experience continued with a new group of students starting their internships. They found their tutors in our Operations, Engineering, Electrical & Instrumentation and Mechanical Engineering teams.

In 2017, no fewer than twenty-two trainees completed their internship successfully.

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