With a production capacity of more than 3 million tonnes, Shin-Etsu can without doubt regard itself as the world's largest PVC manufacturer. Production in the Netherlands takes place at two plants near Rotterdam: Botlek and Pernis. The commercial heart of the company is in Hilversum. Our customers use our PVC to make pipeline systems, window frames, flooring, cables and many other types of products.


Monday, August 6, the parts of our new EDC cracker arrived in Rotterdam from Spain. The ship was transported at an adjusted speed to our site in the Botlek. The new cracker will contribute to an energy reduction of eight percent.

From PVC blood bags in medicine to the sustainable use of PVC in wind turbines, PVC has many applications in our daily lives. To increase knowledge about those applications, the British Plastics Federation has developed a publicity campaign together with VinylPlus. The campaign consists of twelve infographics, one for each month, which emphasizes the flexibility, sustainability, contribution to energy efficiency and the recyclability of PVC. The categories are: sustainability, circular economy, sports, CO2 reduction, entertainment, medical application, innovation, recycling, daily life, rescue work, safety and construction.

 Experience the challenge of running a company that produces
 PVC sustainably and make a profit at the same time.