Shin-Etsu believes in the future of PVC
Catherine Michel
technical service and product liaison manager

‘I'm in charge of technical services at Shin-Etsu PVC Europe. My contacts are EU customers. I assist my company's sales people by ensuring our products always fulfil our customers' needs and any other specific requirements. I find it attractive to work for SE since PVC is the core business. It is clear that Shin-Etsu believes in the future of PVC. I also enjoy the stimulation of working for a global organization.

Shin-Etsu offers good terms of employment
Jarek Baraniak

I grew up in Poland and moved to the Netherlands when I was 12. After receiving a technical education here, I went to work for Shin-Etsu as an operator because it is an interesting manufacturer, while the organization itself is amenable and not too big. Shin-Etsu offers good terms of employment and invests a great deal in its staff - you are always learning something new!

Working fewer hours was no problem
Louise Wijnberg
customer service coördinator

I work in the Sales Office as a customer services coordinator. This is a job with lots of variety and with contacts throughout Europe. When I became a mother, I was able to go over to working three days a week, thanks to the Dutch life-course savings scheme. That was no problem and in fact was well received. I work in a small team, and this offers me plenty of opportunities to develop my talents.

Views of employees really count
Paul Beaufort
QHSE Manager

I started out as a chemical engineer. Having enjoyed working as a senior process engineer for 18 years, I was offered the opportunity of becoming a QHSE manager. I jumped at the chance. As QHSE manager, I am responsible for the quality, health, safety and environmental processes within Shin-Etsu. As far as I am concerned, Shin-Etsu has a lot to offer in terms of career development. It is a small company, but it has an ethos of flexibility and honesty. It’s a business where the views of employees really count.

You are given a lot of responsibility here
Rogier Solbrig
allround technician mechanical

After working for a few other employers in the area, I joined Shin-Etsu recently as an all-round fitter. I made a good choice: it is a nice company that offers plenty of challenges. You are given a lot of responsibility here and I like that. You make direct contact with people, so you notice they appreciate what you do.

Professional development is important to me
Ron Nieuwland
process automation supervisor

After doing automation control engineering work, I was head technician in E&I and now I have progressed further to become the systems manager for process automation. I like having new challenges in my work. Things are moving fast in my field and at Shin-Etsu as well. We are investing a great deal in new technologies and our procedures are becoming more and more digitized. Challenging!

Studying during working hours
Sieb Kindermans

I started here as an operator and after various training courses I became a co-shiftleader: the deputy supervisor in a team. I enjoy doing this at Shin-Etsu as the communication lines are short here and there is an open culture. If there are quiet moments during working hours you can do a bit of studying. I encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity.

Personal development changed my life
Wout van der Valk

I've been working here for almost 30 years. Three years ago, I was convinced I would remain an operator for the rest of my working life. But then I was given the chance to participate in the middle management course. This personal development has changed my life, enriched it and made it more enjoyable. I've now even been made a shift leader!

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