April 2018 / DeltaPORT Donation Fund pays 275,000 euros to good causes

Cycling race The Ronde van Katendrecht, the Operadagen Rotterdam, the Historic Stadspektakel Vlaardingen and windmill De Hoop in Abbenbroek are some examples of organizations that got a financial contribution from the DeltaPORT Donation Fund last year. Shin-Etsu supports this fund.

With the financial support from the DeltaPORT Donation Fund, milling is one step closer for windmill De Hoop. This means that the drive wheels are put back in the correct position and that new grinding stones will be placed. In addition the masonry will be repaired. If all goes according to plan, De Hoop will grind again next spring.

Last year, a total of 275,000 euros was donated to good causes. The DeltaPORT Donation Fund recently announced this during a meeting with a large number of representatives from organisations that received a financial contribution.

Together with other companies in the Rotterdam port and industrial area and the Port of Rotterdam, Shin-Etsu shows its social involvement through the DeltaPORT Donation Fund. The fund provides monetary contributions to non-profit institutions active in the areas of welfare, culture, sports and recreation in the immediate vicinity of the Rotterdam port and industrial area.

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