July 2018 / One year without casualties in Botlek

At our factory in Botlek we recently recorded that we had one year without any casualties. This means that the number of registered accidents per million working hours is back to zero. The last casualty that led to replacement work was an employee who injured his knee during work last year.

We pay a lot of attention to the prevention of accidents, for example with the issue of the Safety Flyer. Within a theme, it briefly and clearly explains which risks can occur and how you can protect yourself against it or how you can prevent these risks. The Safety Flyer is part of the so-called toolbox, which means it gets extra attention during a work meeting.

One year of no casualties is the result of that effort, but by no means a reason to lean backwards. We want to extend this progression in 2018, so that we get closer to our objective: zero accidents, zero incidents, Always Safe.

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