June 2015 / Playing saxophone on a PVC pipe: how cool can you get?!

Pupils of the Nutsschool in Maastricht use PVC to make musical instruments. Would you like to know how you can make a musical instrument from PVC? Well, here’s your chance: As the teacher Jack Veldhuizen explains: ‘You get a PVC pipe of the length you want – the longer the pipe, the lower the tone. Take a balloon and cut through it 2 cm from the round end, not from the nozzle. Pull the balloon over the pipe and secure it with a broad piece of sticky tape. Now push a narrow pipe with a diameter of roughly 1 cm through the nozzle; secure this with sticky tape as well. If you tighten the mouthpiece horizontally and blow through it, the vibration will create a nice bass sound. It’s only one tone, but a very nice tone. I also used a curve and a kind of funnel form to make it resemble a saxophone more.’

Want to hear what a PVC saxophone sounds like? Then watch this short video and/or google saxophone PVC.

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