March 2018 / Steve Scurrell, Shin-Etsu’s new UK Sales Manager

Steve Scurrell joined the Shin-Etsu sales team as UK Sales Manager, he initially becomes Paul Abbott's colleague, who has been looking after PVC sales in the British market for many years. Eventually Steve will take over the work of Paul.

Steve has been working in the PVC industry since 1994. He has held various senior operations management positions a number of large PVC customers in the United Kingdom and also previously worked in Technical Sales for Baerlocher. For the past fifteen years he worked at Synseal where, among many other roles, he was responsible for the purchase of PVC from Shin-Etsu.

Steve not only brings with him a lot of experience, but also an extensive network of contacts within the PVC industry in the UK. He looks forward to serving those contacts within his new position at Shin-Etsu, a company that he has known as a buyer at his previous employer and that he admires greatly from these previous dealings.

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