PVC unparalleled material for window profiles

The use of HR +++ glass requires window profiles that can support the heavier panes. Thanks to the innovation efforts of the window profile manufacturers PVC is still the only plastic that is able to meet the high standards set for this application.

Increased insulation and recycling demands lead to innovation in the window profile industry. One of the ways to achieve a better insulation is the use of HR +++ glass, or triple glass. This has consequences for the profiles themselves. In addition to an equivalent improvement in insulation value, they must also be able to handle the greater weight. Reinforcement with steel is counterproductive because it causes an increased thermal conductivity. Therefore manufacturers reinforce their window profiles for example with glass fibers in larger profiles.

Another important source of innovation is recycling by co-extrusion. This is a manufacturing process in which an inner layer of recycled material is used without compromising the quality of the window profile. The innovations involve besides the manufacturing of profiles also their recycling, which is becoming increasingly tailored.

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